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[招聘] LMU心理学院招募实验参与者

发表于 28.5.2019 09:47:38 | 显示全部楼层 |阅读模式

Hi everyone,

I am currently looking for participants for my visual search experiment. Theexperiment takes place in Leopoldstr. 13.

If you would like to participant, you are required to come twice. Please registerfor two dates with the same time slot, the interval is one week. For example,if you register for Sunday (May 26, 2019) at 13:30, you also need to registerfor next Sunday (July 2, 2019) at 13:30 (register twice with your name andaddress). You will get paid only after you finish 2 experiments. Please do notregister for this experiment if you are not sure that you can come twice atrequired time.

The first experiment consists of 2 sessions. It takes about 1.5 hours. You will get 9€/hour.
Thesecond experiment consists of 2 sessions. It takes about 1.5 hours. You willget 9€/hour,and an extra 0-3€ reward according to your accuracy in Session 1.

- You can speak English
- You are right-handed
- You age is 18-35
- You have normal or corrected-to-normal vision
- You have normal audition

Please take 2 dates (one week interval) that suit you from the Doodle below:

Pleasesign up for the experiment with both your NAME and E-MAIL ADDRESS. You will getan E-Mail confirming your participation in the experiment. Please reply if youare coming.
Ifyou find you cannot come after you replied, please send me an email at leastone day before.
Thank you!

1、 参加者请在doodle里选择两个时间,时间间隔为一周。比如注册了本周日13:00,则同样需要注册下周日13:00,请确定你可以按时完成这两次实验,实验酬金将于第二次实验完成时付清。
2、 请在空格里填上自己的姓名和邮箱地址。请用真实姓名,以及有效邮箱地址。如果填写正确,你会收到确认邮件,请回复该邮件说明你确定会来参加。在doodle里填写的不完全信息(缺少邮箱地址或使用虚假姓名)会被删除。
3、 我们的实验室需要提前预定。请在收到确认邮件后回复,双向确认以便于我提前预定实验室。如果收到确认邮件后发现不能来参与实验,请在第一次实验前提前至少一天给我发邮件说明。
4、 实验当天请按时到达实验室,因为后面还有其他参与者。

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